David Varner Named Executive Chef

David Varner Joins Culinary Catering as Executive Chef

February 28th, 2020

(Wichita, Kansas) – Culinary Catering announced today that David Varner has accepted the position of Executive Chef. David is a seasoned and experienced Chef with nearly 15 years of cooking and catering experience and specializes in a variety of culinary cuisines.

Prior to joining Culinary Catering, David served as the Executive Chef of Doo Dah Dinner, the popular breakfast and lunch restaurant located in downtown Wichita. David has also served as the Executive Chef at Sabor Latin Bar & Grille, where he specialized in South American inspired cuisine, and PB&J Restaurants Inc. PB&J owns several upscale dining establishments across the Midwest, including Newport Grill in Wichita

Culinary Catering CEO Jeremy Barker and Senior Field Operations Manager Ryan Bland led the extensive, nationwide Executive Chef search. CEO Barker commented on the hiring of Executive Chef Varner by saying that, “With his experience preparing and cooking a wide range of culinary cuisines and his extensive management experience in several notable restaurants, David was the clear choice as our next Executive Chef.”

Executive Chef Varner is a native of Wichita, Kansas and is looking forward to joining the Culinary Catering team. Varner commented, “I am very excited about this tremendous opportunity to join Wichita’s most dynamic catering business and I am looking forward to bringing my extensive culinary experience to Culinary Catering.”

Founded in 2016, Culinary Catering has grown to become Wichita’s most dynamic catering company. Culinary Catering has an expansive culinary menu and provides a vast array of catering, bar, and concession services in Wichita and the surrounding area.

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