Bar & Alcohol Service

Licensed and Insured Bar Service

Culinary Catering offers a fully licensed and insured bar service, which means we handle all the details of your alcohol needs and service.

All bar services require a bartender. The bartender fee is in addition to the listed beverage prices.  We require 1 bartender for each 75 guests to ensure prompt service.  The hourly rate for a bartender is $35.00 with a minimum of two hours. The prices listed are per beverage, and include sales and liquor excise taxes.

Beer and Wine Only Bar — $500 beverage purchase minimum

Full Bar — $500 beverage purchase minimum

Host Bar Service

You (the host) will cover the entire beverage bill for the event, including all drinks and the bartending charges.

Cash Bar Service

You (the host) will cover only the bartending charges, and your guests will purchase their own beverages from the bar.  (Note: If the sales minimums are not met by your guests’ purchases, you will be billed for the sales difference.)

Catering Bar Menu

Soft Drinks


Domestic Beer


Specialty Beer or Import Beer


Call Cocktails (price per drink)


Premium Cocktails (price per drink)


Our Wine choices

House or Premium Wine Available

House Wine (glass)


House wines include Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Moscato

Premium Wine (glass)


Premium wines include anything from our current restaurant wine menu

Champagne Toast (glass)


Includes disposable toasting glass

**All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice